Whether it’s a live event, background tune, or personal music experience, music will captivate your guest’s attention if it’s used strategically. Music has a big impact on triggering emotions like happiness, nostalgia, sadness, etc. Most people like to hear music in bars, restaurants, hotels, and any other public space.

We live in a time where a positive experience is the most desired currency. Loyalty is created by experiences, that you don’t need to buy necessarily. If a guest is replaying the memory of their stay at the hotel or a restaurant, usually they will remember the music and the feeling. This memory will make a long-lasting impression which is the reason why they will stay at your hotel or eat at your restaurant again.

Match the personality and identity of your business with the right choice of music. This is important because music tastes and trends are always changing and evolving. Don’t try to copy-paste someone’s music choice, use the music that is authentic to your brand.

Music is a mood-setter and with the perfectly curated music playlist, you will create a positive experience for your guests. The guests will connect with your brand on a deeper level. The fitting soundtrack speaks every language and it increases a guest’s sense of belonging to your brand.

1. Align Music Genre With Your Brand

You can’t know for sure what music will resonate with your guests but you can predict what genre your guests will enjoy. The music genre you choose has to resonate not only with your guests but with your brand. For example, if you own a beach bar in the Mediterranean, the classic genre, probably, is not a good music choice.

Depending on your business, whether it is a hotel, a restaurant, or something else, guests have to respond positively and remain engaged. The best advice is to ensure that your guests intuitively connect with your brand. If there is a mismatch between your brand and music, your guests definitely won’t have a good time. 

Don’t forget to consider the tempo and volume of the music. A fast tempo will lead to a high level of excitement, while a slow tempo will encourage relaxation. When it comes to volume, it is important for music not to be too loud or too quiet. Find the perfect balance.

3 Ways How to Use Music to Improve Guest Experience

2. Hire a Music Curator

Most people carry with them their favorite songs everywhere they go thanks to popular apps and streamers. It can be tempting to play some of our favorite songs, and sometimes that will break the guest experience. The music we love to listen to at home doesn’t necessarily mean it is a good choice for our business.

In this case, it’s not a bad idea to hire a professional, a music curator. Music curators do much more than just hit that play button. They will match the tune to your brand’s vibes and maintain a particular atmosphere for your venue. Music curators will plan the perfect pairing between a place and a brand. 

There is a science behind music curation. You can’t just do it intuitively. There is a challenge in combining musical intuition and skill with marketing strategy. People usually mistakenly think that only clubs and festivals want playlists. Venues like restaurants, hotels, wellness centers, shopping malls, bars, and others also use music to enhance the guest experience. So, it is essential to play the right music for the right place.

Creating a music playlist is a daunting task, and music curators are the ones who will create the most fitting playlist for your brand. Your guests deserve the best experience they can have in your venue, music does matter.

Use music to improve guest experience

3. Consistency Matters

To follow up on the previous topic, consistency matters. Music is an essential part of the hospitality industry and is something your guests expect. As said before, hiring a music curator will help you share your brand vision with others.

A poorly made playlist or a playlist that repeats every day will result in bored guests. This scenario is worse than not having music at all at your venue. You have to be consistent in quality and diversity in music. The style and genre of music don’t always complement the type of business. Usually, very little strategy is considered when it comes to music. That is why consistency is key. 

Consistency means having playlists that always complement your brand and what atmosphere you want to set. Every business has a goal to make a long impression on the guests and consistency is the major factor in doing that. 

You can’t buy customer loyalty, they will look for alternatives if they had a negative experience at your venue. Music is one of the crucial factors for a positive guest experience. But if your brand stands out in the form of tailor-made music, especially for your business, the guest will recognize the authenticity. This means you will have loyal guests who value a consistent brand experience.

How to use music to improve guest experience

We hope you’ve gained valuable insights today with our blog ‘3 ways how to use music to improve guest experience’.

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