Let us forget the Mediterranean popular tourist destinations and cliches. Here we will give you the ultimate Mediterranean places to add to your bucket list. Experience the Mediterranean in its true form, through an amazing landscape of less popular but not less beautiful destinations.

The Mediterranean region is rich in history and natural beauty, and how it couldn’t be when the Mediterranean sea is right between Europe, Africa, and Asia. Just thinking about the Mediterranean brings the taste of fresh seafood, light breeze, and sunshine to mind.

But the Mediterranean is so much more than well-known cities like Barcelona, Rome, or Athens. These cities are popular for a reason, but in this article, we would like to introduce you to a couple of hidden Mediterranean gems that you never thought of visiting

1. Perast, Montenegro

Mediterranean Bucket List Destinations

The wonderful country of Montenegro is noted to be the most beautiful Balkan country. This is absolutely true. Imagine entering a fairytale; the rugged and stunning coastline, blue fjords, high and towering mountains, clear sea waters, and ancient monuments. 

Perast is a small and picturesque town, a perfect getaway destination from the busy seaside resorts. It is considered the most beautiful place in Boka Kotorska. Once it was a buzzing town for sailors, today it is a relaxing haven.

In Perast you will discover the traces and remains of renaissance and baroque palaces and churches. You won’t find sandy Instagram beaches here. Perast is as wild as the mountains that surround it; with rocky stones and docks that stick out into the sea.

2. Tetouan, Morocco

Mediterranean Bucket List Destinations

Tetouan or The Daughter of Granada is a city with Hispano-Moorish elements. It is special because of its multicultural identity and peaceful atmosphere. The Medina quarter of Tetouan is a UNESCO heritage site, definitely worth your time. Tetouan is surrounded by mountains so it is a perfect spot for hikers and nature lovers.

Tetouan medina has one-of-the-kind Andalusian features, and even some of the traditional houses are open to the public. It has a unique local scene with lots of beautiful houses lining the narrow lines, markets, and boutiques.

3. Bozcaada, Turkey

Mediterranean Bucket List Destinations

Definitely, Turkey’s best-kept secret, Bozcaada will blow your mind. If you like traveling off-path, Bozcaada is the place to get lost.

Bozcaada is a small island in the Aegean sea and easily approachable from Istanbul. The island is known for its grapes, wines, and fields of poppy. Even Homer wrote about the island in Iliad! 

If you want to escape the crowds and enjoy hidden beaches, cobblestoned alleys, watch locals play backgammon, donkeys in lavender fields, fishermen catching fish, and people sitting on their doorstep drinking coffee, then Bozcaada is just what you need!

4. Grožnjan, Croatia

Mediterranean Bucket List Destinations

Grožnjan is a small town in Istra, and it really has a special feel to it. It is completely different from any town or village you have seen. It is known as the town of artists. The town squares and streets transform into a genuinely artistic colony. In the summer, it opens its music academies for youngsters and organizes all kinds of artistic, drama, and dance workshops for all generations under well-known professionals and teachers.

Imagine walking down the street with the sound of jazz, guitar, and piano. Once, Grožnjan was a medieval kastel so the remains of thick walls, tall houses, and large stone gates all surrounded by vineyards and olive trees is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Definitely add it to your bucket list!

5. Milos, Greece

Mediterranean Bucket List Destinations

What are your thoughts on volcanic islands? Hopefully, only good ones because Milos is a volcanic Cycladic island slowly evolving into one of the most desired vacation summer spots. With extraordinary volcanic landscapes and a Mediterranean vibe, it gives you almost a contradictory feel to it; a lunar-like atmosphere filled with warm southern energy.

Milos is a different kind of Mediterranean you are used to; you should see it to believe it! It has a rich history and it is the hometown of a beautiful marble statue of Venus of Milo. Rent a scooter and tour the island, forget the plans and programs, eat authentic food, spend the day on the beach, and just chill.

Mediterranean Bucket List Destinations

Why do we love the Mediterranean? The answer is rather simple; its alluring nature, history, cuisine, and authentic way of life have captivated the hearts of so many people. And let us not forget the beautiful sea and the shores that nurture the soul. The Mediterranean lifestyle is all about living life to the fullest, here time runs slow. 

So let us agree that today is the day to make your perfect Mediterranean bucket list and finally visit all the places you wished for, and if you include some of our suggestions, even better! Let us know your experience!

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