To improve hotel guest experience remains the primary goal. This sounds super simple, but in reality, it is much more tricky. The hospitality industry is already juggling things like budget, operational challenges, and labor shortages. With all that, figuring out how to put the guest experience first is a challenging task.

An excellent relationship between a hotel and its guests is what makes a memorable experience for every traveler. From pre-arrival to post-stay, every step should be perfect. Guest experience and guest satisfaction are not the two same things. 

Guest experience defines the entire guest impression of a hotel, all the small moments that happen through digital channels and human contact, as well as the physical experience of being in the hotel. Guest satisfaction, on the other hand, is a measurement of how the guest was happy in each of the small moments, usually through a survey.

Every guest should feel valued and pleased after every interaction. Being consistent, proactive, responsive, friendly, polite, and authentic are the values every business should strive for and eventually adopt. 

Meeting and exceeding these values should be the gold standard of the hospitality industry. We have prepared for you some great strategies and tips on how to improve your customer service and ensure the best possible guest experience at your hotel.

Why Is Guest Experience Important?

The guest experience is the heart and soul of the hospitality industry and is a big factor when it comes to the personal recommendation of the hotel and guest loyalty. Hotels that are able to provide an unforgettable experience through special and unique amenities, personal approach, and top-notch customer service will be definitely rewarded with positive reviews, repeated business, and recommendations.

Online reviews are more than essential for the hotel industry. Travelers are sharing their experiences and information online more than ever. A positive guest experience is the best way to build online visibility and a hotel brand.

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Personalize Your Guest’s Stay

Personalize, personalize, and personalize! Your hotel employees, when they get the chance, should customize the guest’s stay to meet their desires and preferences. Use every opportunity to interact with the guest in a more personalized fashion. Remember the details the guest tells you such as their favorite breakfast or fitness class, and share that information across the department. This way, you can prepare their favorite breakfast with a personalized note, or arrange a private fitness class just for them.

Dealing with Complaints

Every complaint is a gift, we firmly believe in that. The way you treat the complaints will stand out your brand from others. Welcome criticism and complaints with an open mind and genuine interest. Be proactive in your service. Listen to what the guest has to say, sympathize and acknowledge their concern, apologize to them, and finally react. Remember, every guest’s experience and concern is different and deserves your full attention.

Improve Hotel Guest Experience

Reward Loyal Guests

Customer loyalty programs should be on top of your list. Today, the market is very competitive so maintaining loyalty is harder than ever. It is important to recognize your repeating guests and reward them. Also, be strategic when creating such a program. For every guest, personalize the customer loyalty program and mix up the offerings a little bit. Next advice might seem odd but remember the names of your repeating guests, it means a lot.

Maximize Hotel Technology

Technology is a crucial factor in improving the guest experience. Having reliable and fast Wi-Fi is a must, no negotiation here. Install so-called smart room keys so guests can access their rooms via smartphone or electronic card. Cashless payment is another tool to consider, it is easier and more convenient, especially after the pandemic. Install mobile apps and chatbots, which allow guests to require a service from their phones. Implementing these tools will surely be of good service to your guests.

Hotel Coworking Spaces

Creating a welcoming coworking hub in your hotel is a new popular solution to make your guest satisfied. The way we travel and work changed so the hotel industry has to adapt in order to remain competitive. 

Hotel coworking spaces can actually offer much more to a guest than a regular coworking space. Hotels have the option to complement coworking with their other services such as pools, saunas, restaurants, bars, private meeting rooms, gyms, and rooftops. With these services included, guests will in fact have a vacation-like workday.

Empower Hotel Employees

At the end of the day, a memorable guest experience depends on the hotel employees. Technology makes our life easier, but we always return to people and human connection. Hotel staff should know how to make effective decisions so every guest is satisfied. Reward those effective decisions. Making a good call in a stressed and complicated situation should be rewarded. Provide opportunities for growth and development, and train and educate them. If you want to succeed in the hospitality industry, it starts with your employees.

How to improve Hotel Guest Experience?

We hope you’ve gained valuable insights today with our blog ‘How to improve Hotel Guest Experience.

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