What makes a great Mediterranean beach bar? In most cases, it starts with a location – like those found in these 5 Luxurious Beach Bars in the Mediterranean – an atmospheric cove or maybe sun beds scattered across the sandy beach. Next is the bar’s tone, usually set by the music, cocktails, and interiors. But the most essential element of all is the people.

No matter how beautiful the sunsets or beaches are, there is no secret ingredient for luring in cool people. Each of the 5 beach bars mentioned in this article has that x-factor. Let’s be frank about it, the Mediterranean Sea is one of the most popular destinations in the world for leisure and having a great time. We have the usual suspects in mind like Spain, Italy, France, Croatia, and Greece.

All of these beach bars have delivered great food, great cocktails, great music, great hospitality, and a great atmosphere. These bars are the masters of beach life, the places to escape, relax, and get a little crazy if you desire. Life is a Mediterranean beach, a philosophy marked by its people and land. What’s more to desire than a salty sea, endless beaches, and good music? Here are our top 5 beach bars you should visit!

5 Luxurious Beach Bars in the Mediterranean


1. Byblos, Saint-Tropez

Hotel Byblos is so much more than a hotel, it is a mythical palace in the heart of the beautiful Saint-Tropez. What stands out is the architecture. Imagine a building that combines ancient Greek ceramics and an old-fashioned Lebanese village, far from the standard luxurious French hotel. Let us not forget, France is the birthplace of beach bars.

Byblos beach is the archetypal beach bar, there is no doubt about it. The relaxing and stylish location of the Pampelonne beach reflects the authenticity of the Byblos Hotel. The restaurant specializes in luscious and light Mediterranean cuisine with locally grown food. You can enjoy your day with an elaborate cocktail in your hand and lay down on a sunbed while lounge music is playing in the background. This hedonistic setting is the reason why so many people return to Byblos every year.

2.Scorpios, Mykonos

The ultimate beach bar you should know about is Scorpios on Paraga beach. This beach bar is a different beast. Scorpios is a holistic meeting place meant to inspire the spiritual, social, and artistic life of the Mykonos community. With the mantra We are what we eat, Scorpios offer modern and simple cuisine that is focused on the Mediterranean diet, not just as a diet but as a lifestyle. Be prepared for sandy beaches, Cycladic sunshine, and meditative rituals at sunset, all accompanied by electro and acoustic beats. Scorpios beach bar is truly a multi-sensory experience that is hard to forget.












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3. Hula Hula, Hvar

Croatian beach bar Hula Hula is most famous for its extravagant beach party scene. It is located in the ancient town of Hvar, a hot spot for never ending flows of cocktails and dance parties. Hula Hula offers their guests to rent their own private part of the beach or a boat if they like. Indulge yourself in fresh seafood and overflowing sparkling wine from the restaurant and the beach bar. Along the upper beach, there are verandas and dining areas as well as massage pavilions.

The scene comes to life once the sun goes down, that’s when the eminent DJs start the night with good music and atmosphere.


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4. Fontelina, Capri

Fontelina is the most famous exclusive Italian beach bar, a place you must visit. This place is a well-hidden oasis among the Faraglioni rocks. It has a rich history where the Roman emperors used to come to bathe. It is the kind of place where you will find yourself enjoying the sun next to a famous Hollywood star. A legendary and photogenic beach spot where self-indulgence is the priority. Prepare yourself for full plates of seafood drizzled with tons of olive oil and ice-cold Aperol Spritz under the classical blue and white striped umbrellas.












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5. El Chiringuito, Ibiza

To leave Ibiza out would be an unforgivable sin. El Chiringuito beach bar is one of those places that stand out from your usual Ibiza beach bar. Light cream sofas and wooden loungers are mindfully woven into the surrounding sand dunes, white beaches, and crystal waters.

El Chiringuito beach bar exists in absolute harmony with the natural surroundings. Expect to try one of the best modern and Mediterranean cuisines here, lobsters, prawns, fish, you name it. The wine list has more than an impressive international selection while the bar offers personalized cocktails and juices.

Talking about music is almost redundant when it comes to Ibiza, but here it goes. Regular live DJ performances take place every evening, and during the day you will hear electro-jazzy sounds while you relax on your lounger. El Chiringuito is the one-of-a-kind combination of a beach bar and a restaurant.

How do you become one of the 5 Luxurious Beach Bars in the Mediterranean?

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