The hospitality industry is moving away from its traditional approach and embracing a more flexible one. A number of hotels are adopting a new concept of coworking spaces, not only for hotel guests but for the locals also. The emphasis is on developing the local community and attracting a younger audience. A successfully ran hotel coworking space is a new and fresh way how guests can interact with the property and make connections.

An old-fashioned hotel business used to offer a guest room as the central product, but not anymore. Nowadays, the focus is on connecting local communities, digital nomads, and entrepreneurs in a way that is meeting their needs for networking and creativity.

More and more hotels develop this informal model thanks to digitalization and remote working. Freelancers, digital nomads, and entrepreneurs are always in a search of a designated desk and laptop-friendly places. Hotel coworking spaces provide just that. Integrating a coworking space into hotel facilities builds up community, supports professional synergies, and improves the working experience.

There are many hotels with coworking spaces around the globe. We will share with you our top 5 hotel coworking spaces in Europe where connecting with like-minded creatives was never easier. Let’s get started!

1. The Curtain, London, United Kingdom

Hotel Coworking Spaces in Europe

In London, hotels with workspaces are the standard and nothing new. Almost anywhere you can find a coworking space, plug your laptop and start your work. But if you need a couple of hours of hardcore focus, then the Curtain is your best choice. 

The Curtain is a one-of-a-kind cultural and creative hub of London. With additional hotel amenities such as a fitness center, rooftop pool, spa treatments, stylish suites and rooms, and lounge, you also have an option of a coworking area inside the hotel. 

The coworking space is open for the guests of the hotel and the Curtain’s members. The whole concept is to work hard in a coworking space, and afterward use the hotel’s amenities for relaxation. A truly vibrant place worth your time.

2. Zoku, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Coworking spaces

Zoku is a unique loft apartment hotel providing a home base for its travel guests, digital nomads, and entrepreneurs. For anyone who wants to work and live in Amsterdam anywhere from just a couple of days to a few months, Zoku is your best bet.

Zoku’s smartly designed lofts are customizable and private, and if you wish they can be personalized with your favorite artwork or plant. Not only does it offer a comfortable home-office hybrid, but also social spaces for locals and Zoku members and coworking spaces for individuals and teams. An absolute social hub of Amsterdam.

3. Marvie Hotel, Split, Croatia

Hotel coworking spaces

Split is a new and exciting destination for digital nomads. Coworking spaces in Split are popping up like mushrooms after rain, and Marvie Hotel is no different. 

Marvie recognized that remote working and good living go hand in hand. This is why they created a stimulating environment in the hotel for digital nomads. Of course, Marvie emphasizes (like most hotels) the connection between the locals and the guests, so everyone is welcome in Marvie’s coworking space.

The IT community is on the rise in Split and is attracting travelers from all around the world who get used to the Mediterranean lifestyle really quickly. Marvie offers a fully equipped coworking space with high-speed Internet, projector screens, TV, flipchart, and even long-term stay packages. An exciting and dynamic local hub for all remote workers.

4. Mama Shelter, Prague, Czech Republic

Hotel Coworking Spaces in Europe

Mama Shelter is different than your regular hotel coworking space. It is a place for all you punk rockers in the heart. Expect band stickers on desktop computers, kick-ass bars and restaurants, and pop-art designs.

It is a playground for adults. Guest rooms are designed for informality, expect homemade dishes and cocktails served on big tables for communal dining and easy-going after-work rooftop gatherings.

The meeting rooms, coworking spaces, and private spaces are specially designed to stimulate work and engagement. The spaces are fully equipped and can be adapted to your personal needs. If you enjoy vibrant, quirky, and fresh spaces, look no further!

5. Hotel Schani Wien, Vienna, Austria

Hotel Schani Wien, Vienna, Austria

Hotel Schani is a boutique hotel with a modern design. They stand out with the philosophy of sustainability and beautiful coworking space. They recognized the needs of modern travelers and tech savvies, and that is practicality and simplicity. 

If you are a hotel guest, the coworking space is free-off-charge. Another special offer is 24/7 access to coworking space and a bar. And guess what? Pets are welcome!

The hotel strongly believes in a shared economy, so the spaces are shared for eating, sleeping, coworking, and sustainable living. It is a place for like-minded people, locals and guests. Schani successfully combines an urban-friendly environment with a digital modern atmosphere. A coworking experience that sparks new ideas and friendships.

5 Best Hotel Coworking Spaces in Europe

We hope you’ve learned something today, all you have to do now is book your flight!

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