Lady mythical pets you may not know out of

There are many different stories regarding the uncommon animals about Bulgarian countries – a few of them a beneficial, other people not so much. Speaking of supernatural beings exactly who, with respect to the old Bulgarians and you can Slavs, populated the nation. He could be linked to individuals superstitions and why folks are afraid ones, because they’re scared of creatures and diseases. Let’s introduce you to certain such as unusual people creatures.


We start with undoubtedly typically the most popular girls pets into the Bulgarian mythology. Talking about breathtaking women tree spirits which have an individual physical appearance, which you better not see. It’s considered that such comfort collects every night toward same meadow on the very remote thicker woods. There they dance for hours its miracle dance, wear a lot of time white dresses with environmentally friendly belts. Like this, it’s considered that they pay honor to your gods.

Legend possess they these stunning women hardly contact a floor as well as their footsteps from phenomenal herbs give a powerful recovery scent. Ill somebody, just who attained adequate bravery, spent the night near such as for instance meadows. This new fairies reduce them particularly positively.

Exactly what is the issue with these spirits?! They are often quite crappy at the individuals. It’s believed that handsome teenagers cannot research him or her about attention, because otherwise new fairies usually obsess more her or him. Just after conference her or him, men’s lifestyle turn upside down, so much so which they even ditch their loved ones or perhaps the samodiva kills the spouse of your selected child.

Villas, Samovilas

Stunning tree comfort that have peoples looks, even so they also provide wings. They reside in coniferous highest slope woods, in which each of them handles a tree animal, forest, rose, bush otherwise mountain weight. This new characteristic away from private villas is that they jealously manage the latest dogs otherwise flowers it take care of off people.

Interesting things about private villas is because they have a very good degree out of character and herbs. Therefore, if one manages to rating nearer to the newest places that it gather immediately after sunset, he’ll be able to can heal that have certain flowers. Other information you’d get means the region of invisible appreciate or other gifts worldwide.


A pair of Slavic females morale (a girl and you will an old lady) which live in the fresh beaches from streams and lakes. They are portrayed because the animals having a woman chest area and you will base, tail and you can wings away from a beneficial bird away from victim. The latest Slavs considered that one or two religious pushes influenced the country – brand new evil Upir and also the benevolent Bregini. Upir created all evil and all of heartache internationally. But not, the brand new bregini brought good and glee.

Inside the Slavic mythology, the bregini shields the fresh new mothers while in the delivery and you will safe the latest infants out-of evil comfort just who attempted to inexpensive her or him. However, into the development of brand new Slavic faith, the new bregini changed radically and you may became evil morale you to definitely kidnapped pupils.


Negative and positive domestic female spirit of your Slavic faith. If your homemaker takes patient care of this lady domestic, the kikimora will help the girl given that she really does for hours the new housework for another time. But if the hostess is actually depraved and you will idle, brand new kikimora becomes crappy – she will remove the new children’s locks, wake her or him in the night time and you will frighten him or her, perform mischief, and you may spread out the newest mud.

The image of one’s kikimora to begin with came up while the personification from the brand new spirit of the label of your own earlier housewife of one’s exact same domestic.


A horrible meadow spirit with the appearance of an attractive younger girl wear a pure white-linen dress. We should observe that regarding the Slavic community, white attire is a symbol of mourning. This new poludnitsa only takes place from the noon, in the exact middle of a single day – an occasion which is felt risky and you may unfavorable, such midnight. These two moments during the day and you can night are known as “crucifixion times” and folks be home more to ensure that some thing crappy will not affect her biggercity Coupons or him, in order that worst pushes for example poludnitsa and her cousin – polunoshtnitsa – don’t see.


A bad females heart on appearance of an old girl inside a natural light dress. It travels out-of midnight up to sunrise, when all evil forces come out therefore the roads lead-in the incorrect guidance. Hence, midnight some one will remain from the crossroads of course, if they meet an excellent people, they actually do a myriad of evil what things to your.


At this time, this type of female liquids morale, on the financial institutions from streams and oceans, are very preferred around the globe. Its photo originates from Slavic culture, in which these were of this cult of deity out of virility. The latest ancient Slavs thought that rivers, ponds and you may oceans, in addition to their coastlines, have been in cover out of regional mermaids.

Including the samodiva, mermaids are also named stunning female, plus most vindictive and you will crappy. For the majority tales, mermaids is actually forever more youthful that have much time eco-friendly hair, assuming it break their hair, it end up in floods. When the its epidermis dries out, the fresh mermaids pass away. The new souls from killed and you can thrown with the a lake people change towards the mermaids.